Life Speak - Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
Great Presentation

The Big Fundamental

One-day seminars developed for new professionals just beginning
their career.

So you've finished your education and entered the workforce...congratulations! But those class-project presentations can be quite different than what you do in the professional environment.

No worries...we'll help you build the foundation. Here's some items that we cover in the Big Fundamental.

Your Presentation

  1. Establishing Your Presentation Goals
  2. Determining Your Information
  3. Developing Your Outline

Your Delivery

  1. Eye Contact, Gestures
  2. Your Body Language; i.e. Movement, Facial Expressions, etc.
  3. Your Voice; i.e. Inflections, Projection, etc.

Top Tips for You

  1. What to do Before the Presentation
  2. Know Your Material
  3. Practice, Practice, Practice

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The Big Fundamental one-day seminars are available for groups of five to eight employees and can be scheduled at your office or a LifeSpeak conference center.

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