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Great Presentation

Speak Life Workshops

2-Day workshops designed to help you bring life to your presentations.

If you're looking to improve your presentation skills, this workshop is perfect for you. In these sessions, you'll learn proven methods for enhancing your presentation style. Proven techniques, tips, and pointers will be provided, along with video-feedback, all designed to help you bring life into your presentations.

Topics Covered in Our Two-day Session:


  • Building Your Presentation
  • Making Your Delivery
  • Finding Your Voice
  • Learning Your Listeners


  • Determining Your Desired Image
  • Tailoring Your Content
  • Creating Your Style
  • Engaging Your Audience


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During the Speak-Life Workshops, participants are captured on video, and both peer-reviews and private-coaching is provided. Real-world presentations are made, along with impromptu speeches. Everything is designed to help build your confidence, and enhance your presentation effectiveness.

Sessions for groups of five to eight employees can be scheduled at your office or a LifeSpeak conference center.

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Registration Cost:

$1,100 per person
Registration cost includes all workshop materials, individual coaching sessions, personalized thumb-drive with all of your presentations, breakfast and lunch both days.